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To find out about world airports, please visit the following link:


Some airlines allow seating at the time of reservation or after ticket issue and some do not allow pre seating at all in economy class and on code share services. Some airlines such as Qantas and British Airways allow you to purchase a seat allocation after ticket issue. Most airlines allow seat selection at on-line check-in 24 – 48 hours prior to travel. No seating is absolutely guaranteed and seats can be reassigned at the airline’s discretion.

These websites will assist you in finding seating plans and comparing seats between airlines and aircraft type.


Try these two sites to find your destination:

This site has handy apps for I-phone and Android


To find out the current time of all parts of the world, please visit the following link:


To find out what the weather is normally like in the country you want to travel, please visit the following link:


Now that nearly everyone owns a Smartphone, it is essential that you know exactly what to do when you go overseas so that a nasty phone bill does not await you on your return. Essentially you will need to either have a plan that includes overseas phone usage and data download at a reasonable cost or alternatively buy a SIM card before you go or a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

These sites may assist you in choosing the right action plan. Most importantly if in doubt – turn off your mobile roaming before you go.

When calling home from overseas you should consider using Skype.


There are many nifty airline and travel apps that can be useful when travelling. Most are free. You can even check-in via phone with most of them.

The Sabre TripCase app lets you follow the progress of any booking made by Travel on Q. All you need is your booking reference which you will find at the bottom of your itinerary.

You can also scan your travel documents and save them onto your phone with the Dropbox app- Save travel photos into the dropbox and you can then see them in other linked devices.

There are any number of destination apps that can be downloaded once overseas if you have forgotten to pack the guidebook. Try tripomatic – and Hoteltonight

And finally if you want to leave home but do not want to leave home behind download your favourite newspaper apps.