Rosemary Livingstone, Thornleigh, NSW

“Just wanted to let you know that the sound of your praises has rung loud and clear, frequently, from north to south Tanzania and resounds through the alleys of Stone Town. You did a brilliant job of our itinerary, and we loved the Tanzanians, AS WELL AS the 112 elephants, 48 lions, 1 leopard, 1 cheetah, 4 black rhino, 3 genets, 19 mongoose, 10 African wild dogs, 7 lion cubs we saw. The up-too-close and personal encounters with 2 lions on 2 occasions, 1 mad at us ellie matriarch and 1 hippo 10 feet from me (no doubt Julie has told you I did it all wrong –I turned and ran, behind a tree which happened to be a sapling as thick as 3 matches) – all make for fabulous dinner stories.
I loved the walking safari, and would have loved to have done 5 days of that.
So, Carole, again thank you for organising a truly extraordinary trip for us. Your professional choice of places and companies for our tastes was exemplary. “

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